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Mar 19, 2020


In this mini video feature, join NwWU host, Crystal Genes Photography as she chats with Dane Casperson, owner of Casperson Productions.

Casperson Productions provided all the video work for our 5th episode at Urban Studio, including this mini feature!

Dane has a very relaxed and laid back persona that makes him very easy to work with. He works well in otherwise high stress environments. When asked if he ever finds filming weddings to be stressful, he laughed and said definitely not. He says it’s the most relaxed, chill job he could possibly have. He wants the experience of having a wedding video made to be easy for everyone involved.

Providing quality, high end wedding videos is their main focus. Dane said, “I am always working on refining and improving the quality of our videos, and I push the boundaries every year, to make sure that the videos I produce look good on screens both big and small. That quality covers everything we do, from short films, to full length videos, visuals to the audio. We want everything to be as good as it can be given the incredibly challenging restraints of producing an extremely cinematic video in a single day, in real time, as events unfold.

What sets Casperson Productions apart from other videographers in the area? Dane said, “I think it’s my team. I have spent a ton of time finding the best people in Portland to help me on every wedding possible. While I personally shoot almost every wedding we book, it takes a team to make the more complex videos, and the team I have access to is incredible. I can shoot all the content for some incredibly complex videos in incredibly short amounts of time. That is thanks to knowing the right people to call when I need to make things happen.

His ideal wedding includes a very relaxed couple, somewhere outdoors with nice sunlight. He especially loves all the vineyards in the area.


The couple should think about all the key moments that will be the most meaningful to look back on. He says many couples go for a highlight reel, or just ceremony coverage, but he finds that the toasts are typically the most genuine and heartfelt part of any wedding. He encourages couples to really think about that when choosing what is important




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This interview is part of a full episode featuring Urban Studio, a contemporary wedding venue in Downtown Portland. Each episode, Crystal brings together a team of favorite local wedding vendors to show off their expertise at the most awesome venues in the PNW. Be sure to check out the full episode and others on the NwWU website!

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Photography by Crystal Genes Photography 

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