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Nov 7, 2019

A Chat with Jovana Combs Beauty

In this mini video feature, join NwWU hosts, Crystal Genes Photography and Angela Holm Photography as they chat with Jovana Combs of Jovana Combs Beauty.

Jovana not only did makeup and hair for the bride, but also for Angela and myself. It was such a treat! I haven’t had professional makeup applied in years, and I can tell you, I was really sad to wash my face at the end of the day.

Jovana specializes in natural glowing beauty. She aims to accentuate the best features of the face, not cover it all up. Her goal is to make each client feel like themselves, just a little more dolled up.

From her online bio, “I believe that women are more beautiful (inside and out) than they give themselves credit for. Helping women to feel confident and beautiful is what I am all about!” We can certainly attest to this as we both felt more confident and beautiful and camera ready after she worked her magic.

She lives in Portland with her husband and two pups, Harlow & Hobbs.

Jovana’s Tip For All Brides

Hire a professional makeup artist. Even if you don’t hire Jovana, she wants you to know that it makes such a difference in the experience of your getting ready preparations. Even if you are good at doing your own makeup, there is often chaos on the wedding day. You will have people coming at you from all around, asking questions, helping prepare things, etc. Having a set time to have your makeup done by someone else ensures that you will at least have that time to be pampered and not feel rushed. (Angela & I 100% agree with this!)

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This interview is part of a full episode featuring The Victorian Belle Mansion, a wedding venue in NE Portland. Each month, Crystal and Angela bring together a team of their favorite local wedding vendors to show off their expertise at the greatest venues in the PNW. Be sure to check out the full episode and others on the NwWU website!

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Photography by Crystal Genes Photography & Angela Holm Photography

a bride at the getting ready vanity
jovana combs of jovana combs beauty applies makeup to a bride
jovana combs of jovana combs beauty applies makeup to a bride
jovana combs of jovana combs beauty at work on a bride


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